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Here's how it works:

Step 1 generic desktop mobile tablet

Your ad is showed for free on 100s of apps & sites : Banks, Search engines airline, etc.

Step 2 generic credit card

Customers will pay full price like normal

Step 3 generic store front

All you need to do is pay a small fee for in-store Sales that we Generate

Step 1: Promote your cashback offer on numerous leading websites and applications for free

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Step 2: Consumers link the cashback offer to their credit cards.  


The user will not purchase the request but will connect the card.


Step 3: Consumer Purchases From You 

The consumer will pay you online or in-store with a credit card.

You will be collecting 100% of the transaction.

We keep track of all the sales, all thanks to our partnership with the credit card companies and the publishers.

We pay your customers the cashback and receive a tiny commission fee.


Effective Real-time sales reporting 


From online impressions to in-store or online sales, you will be provided real-time reports, which you can tap into using the reporting dashboard.


Using this dashboard, you can access every transaction we generate for you, including the transaction number, date, sum, and the last four digits of the credit card used.


Pricing & FAQ

What's Pay Per Revenue Marketing?

In simpler words, we will be advertising your online business on major leading websites and online publishers and receive a tiny commission fee upon generating a sale for you.

What's a cashback offer?

Your buyers will receive a cashback for every single purchase they make from you. For example, you can offer a 5% cashback up to $10. So when they buy a $100 product, they will get a $10 cashback, which means they will actually be paying $90 for the product.

Which businesses is Pay Per Revenue Marketing best suited for?

Pay Per Revenue is suitable for almost all businesses, especially restaurants, beauty salons, E-Commerce stores, etc.

Will I have to connect to my POS system?

No installation or setup will be required. With our partnership with credit card companies, we will be keeping a track of all the sales and linked cards.

Have you got more questions?

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With Pay Per Revenue Marketing, you will only be paying for the sales you get and nothing else.


We'll be advertising your business on 100+ premium websites for free - Whenever a customer purchases your product, you will receive 100% of the transaction.


For each product we help you sell, we'll charge you only a tiny commission fee. That's it.

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